Watch out Trump: Here comes the team of Biden, Obama, Sanders, and Bloomberg


Some say that Joe Biden, just like Hillary Clinton, would lose to Trump in the upcoming election, and they might be right. That is if Biden would enter the fight against Trump by himself without a really strong team behind him. Well, that is not going to happen as Biden won’t be alone but will have a very powerful team around him.

Trump will find himself running against this very knowledgeable, highly experienced team comprised of Biden, Barack Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Michael Bloomberg, former candidate for the Democratic nomination. 

We can refer to Biden’s associates on this team as political weapons. They will be very visible and extremely vocal all over the media and will make Trump have to go on the defensive when they remind Americans of how very terribly he has conducted his presidency; how he has made racist and misogynistic statements, how he has divided the…



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