GOP congressman who officiated same-sex wedding faces primary challenge from the Right


A first-term Republican House member could lose his Virginia seat in a nomination fight to be decided by party insiders, amid charges that he’s a squish on social issues.

Rep. Denver Riggleman in 2018 won the then-open district, stretching from the North Carolina state line 250 miles up to Washington, D.C., exurbs in Fauquier County, Virginia. But unlike the bulk of freshmen, who cruise to reelection after winning their seats the first time, Riggleman is locked in a nasty Republican renomination battle against Bob Good, a Campbell County supervisor and former athletics official at Liberty University, his alma mater.

The challenge for Riggleman, an Air Force veteran who went on to open a craft distillery about 20 miles west of Charlottesville, is that the Republican nomination will be decided in a party convention, rather than an open primary. That leaves the choice up to…



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