Google Removes QAnon Apps From its Play Store


In an attempt to crack down on the spread of misinformation, Google has removed several apps connected with QAnon from its Play Store.

The apps—QMAP, Q Alerts!, and Q Alerts LITE—were flagged for violating Google’s policies regarding “harmful information,” according to a spokesperson for the company. The apps are the latest in a string of removals and blockages for the conspiracy theory group, which has been gradually expanding its reach over the last three years.

The QAnon conspiracy theory, which started in October 2017, pushes several wild and unproven ideas. The group believes that President Donald Trump is the victim of a “deep state” plot to unseat him and that a group of liberal Hollywood actors and Democratic officials is deeply involved in a child sex-trafficking ring. For the last several years, the group has been expanding its influence through social media. Until…



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