Our readers write: Issue of May 21, 2020


Poway parks deserve new LED lightning too

The City of Poway crews came through our Rancho Arbolitos neighborhood and converted the street lights to LED lighting. They did a fantastic job. The new lights provide a great deal more lightning than the older lights. Combined with the energy cost savings and longer life bulbs it’s simply a win-win!

I did notice, however, they skipped replacing the lights in Silverset Park. Realizing what a great deterrent it would be to mischief in the park at night, I contacted the city, but was not able to get an answer when the park would be converted. I then reached out to Councilman Dave Grosch, who insured me all the lights in the city were being upgraded to the new LED lighting, and provided a website link where he told me I could find the date the park would be converted.

After checking the link, I could not find the date so I reached out to Dave again. This time he gave me…



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