Steve Bannon Secretly Met With Alexander Dugin In 2018


Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon secretly met with Russian nationalist ideologue Alexander Dugin in Rome in November 2018, according to a recent report by The Nation.

Dugin, an advocate of neo-Eurasianism, is considered to be influential within the Putin administration and the ruling United Russia party.

“They also recognized a deeper bond as two Traditionalists who emerged into power independently of each other at roughly the same historical moment,” wrote The Nation‘s Benjamin Teitelbaum.

Bannon is said to be using the relationship to help forge a lasting peace between the United States and Russia, two historical rivals.

“Bannon has been lobbying Dugin to switch his allegiances and embrace the United States, to use his platform of soft but powerful influence to advocate Russia’s return to the Judeo-Christian West and rejection of China,” Teitelbaum added.

Dugin and others in…



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