Letter: A time for compassion


Published: 4/7/2020 12:01:18 AM

Across our communities there is enormous fear of the spreading coronavirus. At the same time there is growing compassion and care for courageous and generous people on the front lines, for our neighbors and for the most vulnerable.

Friends, family and immigrants detained by ICE while fleeing danger in their homelands are among the inmates incarcerated in N.H. prisons and jails. They are at great risk of the spreading COVID-19 virus.

One very effective practice in public health to suppress infection transmission is to reduce the resident density within each facility. Less crowding protects not only those who are incarcerated, but also staff, their families and the broader community

Portions of the incarcerated population can be released with careful consideration to ensure public safety, limiting eligibility for release to only those who meet…



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