All Saints Cigars Dedicacion Berkey Cigar Review –


Micky Pegg was first introduced to cigars in the Spring of 1989 while playing college not and interning on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Back in the day, if the Senator you worked for liked you and you did a good job he would send you down to the local tobacconist for cigar. When you returned you got to light up with the leadership staff. It was at that point, Micky was hooked. He would begin working for the tobacconist where he would spend all his money on cigars. So much so that his first paycheck was for $4.52.

After a sting with Davidoff handling the Mid-Atlantic sales he would venture over to CAO where he would become the national sales manager for CAO. Eventually the company sold to General Cigar and Micky exited the cigar industry where he would work selling mutual funds and retirement plans. He missed the cigar industry and when two friends Martin Corboy, a successful restaurateur, and Air…



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