Hillary Clinton On Dropping Out and Primary Debates


Hillary clinton

Below is a link to Hillary Clinton in 2008 discussing pressure to drop out. She argues that the US Presidency is “the most important job in the world, the toughest job in the world; you should be willing to campaign for every vote, you should be willing to debate any time, anywhere.”  She points out that people had been pressuring her to drop out “since Iowa”.  She “finds it curious” b/c that’s “unprecedented in history”.  The urgency to end the primaries makes no sense historically, according to Ms. Clinton. “Party unity” is no excuse she points out b/c, for example, Bill Clinton didn’t wrap up the nomination until June, and that is more in line with historical expectations.

I agree with Hillary. Please listen to her in her own words and tell me if you agree or disagree, and why. This is the calm and intelligent Hillary Clinton that would have…



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