Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo and Sen. Tom Cotton keep pushing coronavirus conspiracy theory


Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo hosted Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on yesterday’s edition of Sunday Morning Futures, during which the two continued to spread a debunked conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 virus might have originated in an infectious disease research laboratory in Wuhan, China, and that the government of that country is covering it up.

Bartiromo brought up the subject by playing a video clip of Cotton’s past discussion of the idea on Fox, and then she asked him to elaborate: “Can you tell us more about this super lab, this level 4 biochemical lab that you mentioned in Wuhan? What do they do there?”

“The Lancet published a study of the first 40 cases of coronavirus and 14 of them had no contact with that market, so the virus went into that market which acted as an accelerant before it came out of that market,” Cotton said. “As for what’s happened in that biosafety level 4…



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