Right-wing media coronavirus expert is a QAnon supporter who suggested the “deep state” orchestrated the pandemic


As The New York Times reported,  “Dietary supplement sales have surged nationwide as panicked consumers stock up on vitamins, herbs, extracts, and cold and flu remedies. None of these products have been shown to lower the likelihood of contracting the coronavirus or shortening its course, and taking large doses of them can potentially do harm.” 

His medical methods have long been dubious; The Houston Press reported in 2005 that Hotze had inflated his credentials; that “leading experts in women’s health issues say Hotze’s methods are not supported by science and are potentially harmful”; and that “Hotze runs an expensive one-stop shop for thyroid disorder, hormone replacement, yeast infections and allergies, when no medical records show Hotze has training in any of them.” 

He has additionally spent years promoting and selling colloidal silver (the silver products in his store are out of stock…



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