Front Porch Improv brings the jokes, stories to your house with daily Facebook streams – News – DoSavannah


As citizens in the cyber age, we thought we were all disconnected. The closure and cancellations of the many events throughout the globe have proven that we as human are closer, and much more connected, than we believed prior to this pandemic. We now know we need and crave the company of each other, and that no man is an island.

One of the most magical things about Savannah is that it is filled with art, creativity and music. At each turn, you will find yourself experiencing sights, sounds and aromas which guides us through the squares as we make our way through, which is how four former New Yorkers came together in Savannah to create the Front Porch Improv.

Front Porch Improv puts on comedy shows in Savannah, they teach comedy classes, offer fundraisers for non-profits, provide free classes for kids and perform private shows. Late last year, the directors and company made the bold move to open a…



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