Donald Trump, in coronavirus clash with China’s Xi Jingping, chooses name-calling over soft power


Nothing that significant emerged from their discussions. In an anodyne joint statement, the bloc touted the approximately $5 trillion in stimulus it is collectively putting into the global economy — mostly in the form of relief and temporary assistance to the unemployed — and offered unspecific commitments to coordinate a collective response to the virus. The new-age optics of the summit hardly dimmed the real tensions still in play: Saudi Arabia remains in a spat with Russia over each other’s oversupply in the oil market that preceded the nose-dive in global markets, while the novel coronavirus pandemic has only worsened the already strained relations between the United States and China.

On this front, U.S. allies elsewhere are sympathetic to China. “Other nations in the group of world powers rejected the term because they viewed it as needlessly divisive at a time when international cooperation is…



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