What Anti-Science Activists And Lawyers Have In Common During This Crisis They Share The Rest Of The Time: Fear Profiteering

While 70 million Americans are under lockdown to contain spread of the 2019 form of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 illness that has cost 16,000 lives worldwide, American lawyers are teeing up to sue the one product the FDA and everyone else knows kills germs – Purell.

While political activists are yelling that hotels forced by threat of law to remain closed should not get any sort of government bailout, where is the yelling that other lawyers are profiteering from fear and doubt? It isn’t just in the U.S. In Italy, a lawyer is trying to drum up support in a communist newspaper that modern genetic engineering makes coronavirus easier to spread.

Meanwhile, the philosopher Vandana Shiva, Ph.D, an avowed opponent of farming, is using the outbreak to promote her agenda against science.

Communists and anti-science activists and trial lawyers working together? Who saw that…



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