People like me who are over 50 should go back to work and risk death to save the country


This made me laugh just because of how “on brand” it is. None of the MAGA diehards who’ve embraced the idea of getting back to work ASAP are recommending that *older people* lead the way. Just the opposite. They want older people to stay home because they’re more vulnerable to the disease while younger people return to work, which at least genuflects towards reality.

But Beck has always been a guy to take things one notch higher than everyone else. Righties of all stripes embraced conservative tea-party populism circa 2009, after Obama was sworn in. But only one guy was drawing complicated schematics on blackboards on Fox News to show how George Soros was behind all of the world’s problems. That’s Beck. One notch higher.

So of course, at a moment when the new fad is to somehow save the country by sabotating the attempt to flatten the curve before that effort has even really begun, he’d go one…



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