Letter: Columnist should give the president a break – Opinion – seacoastonline.com


March 21 — To the Editor:

Mr. Azzi, again, please stick to taking pictures. In your most recent column, you speak of Cotton Mather, someone called Onesimus, Harvard and someone cutting something and putting a drop in. Brilliant. After bloviating and introducing a number of useless facts, you make a point by stating all the good things that immigrants do. Here we agree just as long as the immigrants are legal immigrants. Simply put, if you are not here legally you don’t belong here. Common sense, no?

Next point. You go on to say that people choose to be racists, xenophobic, conspiracy theorists and a bunch of other stuff. Granted, they exist. But then you go on to call half the nation ignorant because they believe in this president. I’m quite surprised that you didn’t use the word…



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