Moderate Stephen Bacon Hopes to Win GOP Primary to Challenge Stephanie Murphy |


DeBary City Councilman Stephen Bacon says he is the moderate in the GOP primary looking to take on U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., and he hopes that position will lead him to victory over his Republican rivals and the congresswoman in November.

With the seat covering Seminole County and the northeastern part of Orange County, Bacon, the only candidate that is running from Volusia County, is running outside of his own geographic district. That doesn’t seem to faze him and Bacon described his tenure on the DeBary City Council as rough.

“It’s been a difficult venture because many of them have no experience and have no education,” Bacon said. “Instead of a corporate environment, it is one-man rule for the city manager.”

stephen j bacon

That’s not the only problem Bacon has had with the city government. Bacon has been cited for intimidating a staff…



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