Senior Reporter Geoff Hobson answers questions from fans about the 2020 NFL Draft.


 With the glaring needs in multiple positions does it not make more sense to trade out of the #1 spot. There are teams with multiple 1st round picks. (Miami). Seems like a no brainer. QB at 5. Simmons at 18. CB at 33. OL in 2nd from trade Ray Horn, Trinity, FL

RAY: It gets back to how often do you get a shot at a guy like Burrow and what exactly are you going to get at 18. You won’t get a guy as good as Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons at 18. He won’t get out of the top ten. Simmons and Chase Young are the draft’s two top defenders. But, the guy you get at 33, or, better yet, trading back to 38 or 40 to get another third, won’t be far off the guy at 18.

Twenty years from now do you want to be talking about how you got the 2020 version of Desmond Clark instead of Joe Burrow? (And Clark was a nice player as a 12-year tight end, but you need more impact than 27 TDs in 162 games.)

I think it is…



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