White House Hedges Denial Of ‘Deep State’ Hit Lists Report


White House Principle Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley is not aware of any organized effort to purge President Trump’s administration of officials critical of the president, he said Monday on Fox News.

The comment comes amid reports that Trump officials and Republican operatives have been compiling lists of “disloyal” officials to fire and more Trump-friendly candidates to replace them, as reported by Axios. In an appearance on America’s Newsroom, Gidley acknowledged the president wanted to ensure his subordinates supported his agenda, but denied knowing about any lists. (RELATED: Fears Of More Post-Impeachment Purges Grow As Trump Suggests Military Should Punish Vindman)

“Look, if there are any lists, I’ve not seen them,” he said. “But the fact is we know there are people actively working against this president. Because Donald Trump won we got to see, for example, the famous text messages…



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