Richard Fowler destroyed Mollie Hemingway’s suggestion that Sen. Chris Murphy violated the Logan Act


MIKE EMANUEL (GUEST ANCHOR): Mollie, congrats on the scoop. What more do you want to highlight from your reporting?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Thank you. What I do think is interesting is what Chris Murphy said himself years ago, about such rogue foreign policy-type meetings. When Mike Flynn met with his counterpart, his Russian counterpart — or had a phone call with his Russian counterpart, Chris Murphy said that was illegal possibly and definitely needed to be investigated. He supported that Logan Act use, remember the Sally Yates at the Department of Justice, James Comey, believed that the Logan Act was a reason to target Mike Flynn. So while it’s true that it’s rarely used, it was famously used against Trump affiliates to really gin up that entire Russia collusion hoax. But now Chris Murphy seems to have a different view when it comes to his own coordination with the Iranian foreign…



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