Former OSU wrestler accuses Jim Jordan of lying about claiming to not have known about alleged abuse


Adam DiSabato told CNN Friday that he had reported the complaints about the late Dr. Richard Strauss, who was accused of assaulting student athletes during their medical examination, to Jordan and the team’s head coach during the time of the alleged abuse.

Jordan has denied knowing about the allegations of abuse when he was assistant coach for the university’s wrestling team from 1987 to 1995. When asked to respond to DiSabato’s comments on Friday, a spokesman for Jordan highlighted remarks the congressman made in an interview with Fox News in 2018, when Jordan asserted “what has been said about me is completely false.” The head coach, Russ Hellickson, told CNN on Friday in response to DiSabato’s claims, “That is a blatant lie.”

“I think it’s a boldface lie because Dunyasha Yetts went to (Jordan) and told him about an exam to his face. And it’s been documented. There are several people who went up to him. We…



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