Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg Scores “F” Grade on 2020 Racial Justice Presidential Candidate Scorecard


Today the Center for Urban and Racial Equity (CURE) announced the addition of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to its 2020 Racial Justice Presidental Candidate Scorecard. Bloomberg received an “F” grade, placing him among the lowest-ranked of the presidential candidates including Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) and Tom Steyer (D). While Bloomberg’s proposed Greenwood Initiative includes promising economic justice strategies for Black America and landed him high scores in the Housing and Racial Wealth Gap category of the scorecard, his criminal justice record in NYC should give any racial justice voter cause for concern. During his tenure, stop-and-frisk police stops exploded, with police making over 5 million stops of mostly Black and Latinx men and boys during Bloomberg’s three terms as mayor. Stop-and-frisk was eventually ruled…



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