Can we talk about Eric Ciaramella?  |  Ricochet


This “whistleblower” stuff bewilders me. I get that there should be protections for a person who comes forth to expose concerns about possible wrongdoings of elected officials, or corporate bigwigs, or whatever. The dude shouldn’t lose his job or whatever, if it is decided that his information led to exposing some malfeasence by the people he is working for.

But once his whistleblowing leads to the whole affair coming to light, once we’re all aware of it, once it’s all now in the open and being investigated by the proper athorities, isn’t the whistleblower’s anonymity now moot? Indeed, shouldn’t he want to be known, for a book deal if not the thanks of a grateful nation?

Why all the cageyness around the name of Eric Ciaramella? If he’s not the whistleblower, shouldn’t he be coming out on all the available social media rolling his eyes and damning Trump, who he hates?

Then we are not…



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