Trump ‘very ill’ | Lewiston Sun Journal


To the Editor:

For Angus and Nancy Pelosi –

You may remember the time that Trump tied up Congress for about 39 days, I wrote you three letters in close succession and hoped you would share them with Nancy Pelosi and I think you did. Slide over Nancy, that limb you have been sitting on since the Trump state of the union message will easily support the both of us, Trump is a very ill person. I, at the age of 91, ask, no I demand, to speak my piece. I insist that Trump’s family should have his mental ability tested as well as his ability to do a second term. 

I actually fear that our democracy could end up as a thing of the past and that goes double for our constitution that our forefathers spent so much time on and did such a beautiful job, may also be in jeopardy. 

And Susan Collins, your ability to analyze may need an upgrade. You believe Trump may have changed his behavior. Romney, that was a…



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