Jeffrey Toobin Warns Andrew McCabe’s Future ‘Really Perilous’


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin condemned President Donald Trump’s “grotesque” attempts at manipulating the Justice Department for political retribution and warned that fellow network contributor and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was in “really perilous condition.”

Toobin made his comments on Don Lemon Tonight in reaction to a new report in the Washington Post that detailed Trump’s frustration with Attorney General Bill Barr because former DOJ officials like James Comey and McCabe haven’t been brought up on criminal charges for their role in investigating him. According to the report, Trump was incensed for days after DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz found Comey had made errors but was not prosecuted, saying “Can you [expletive] believe they didn’t charge him?”

“After learning that the Huber investigation is not likely to produce charges, Trump has become…



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