Finkenauer legislation would improve Medicare reimbursement rates for Iowa | Political News


She’s not the first member of the Iowa congressional delegation to go to bat on this issue, said Dustin Arnold, chief medical officer of UnityPoint Health-St. Luke’s, who noted that receiving the seventh-lowest reimbursement rate is an improvement.

When first established, the rate took into consideration differences in costs from one geographic region to the next, he said. However, overhead costs and regulatory costs have eliminated most geographic cost variables, Arnold added.

Also, most purchasing is done through national vendors, so there is little difference in the price of supplies from one region to the next.

At present, the difference between the reimbursement Iowa Medicare providers receive and other areas works out to about 5 percent, said Dennis Tibben, the director of external affairs for the Iowa Medical Society. That is based in part on flawed data that includes residential rental costs rather…



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