Fact check: Trump makes 86 false claims over two weeks, including whoppers about Bloomberg, Pelosi and Social Security


Trump spread the dishonesty around a variety of subjects. Over this period stretching from January 27 to February 9, he made 17 false claims about health care, 15 about the economy, 15 about Democrats, and five or more about each of six additional topics: trade, energy, impeachment, China, immigration, and the military.

Trump is now up to 1,816 false claims since July 8.

The most egregious false claim: Saving Social Security

Trump is a dishonesty maximalist: He often seems to prefer an egregious lie, told confidently, to spin that might be more accurate but might also make him seem defensive or evasive.

Asked in a Fox News interview on January 30 about allegations that he plans to take away people’s Social Security — he had vaguely mused in a CNBC interview about tackling entitlement programs “at some point” — Trump could have responded in any number of factual or semi-factual ways.

Instead, he offered up this…



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