Animator of The Simpsons attacks Hungarian actor – reported by Origo


Gábor Csupó is a 67-year old Hungarian-born fellow Californian.  As an animator he made his fame and fortune after coming to the US about 40 years ago in the creation of The Simpsons.

Ervin Nagy is a 43-year old Hungarian film and stage actor. He had a memorable performance in the Hungarian cult-film Kincsem.

Mr. Ervin Nagy in the Hungarian film, Kincsem

Origo is a popular Hungarian news portal.

A couple of weeks ago the Orbán Government unveiled a new “culture bill” to extend control over cultural institutions.  The bill aims to give the government more oversight of theater budgets, personnel policies and operations.  Pro-government nationalists think that the Hungarian theatre has too much “rootless cosmopolitan liberalism” and want to make it “more Hungarian.”

Thousands demonstrated saying that the bill threatens artistic freedom.  One of the fiercest critics was actor Ervin Nagy…



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