Bannon recalls ‘grab ’em by the p—-‘ tape


War Room host Steve Bannon recounted the chaotic moments after President Trump’s campaign team learned of the Billy Bush Access Hollywood “grab ’em by the p—-” tape during a wide-ranging interview on PBS’s Frontline.

“I didn’t quite realize it was audio and video. In video, it’s pretty powerful, so everything shuts down,” remarked Bannon.

Bannon, 66, attempted to sway editors at the Washington Post to not post the video but was told, “It’s 3:50, this thing is going up in nine minutes.”

He described the infighting that occurred in Trump’s campaign as aides, including Kellyanne Conway, scrambled to craft a strategy that would mitigate the mounting pressure on Trump to quit the race. Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus believed the campaign could not continue after donors and congressional lawmakers began to disavow Trump’s candidacy.



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