Marvel’s Punisher Skull Now Used For QAnon Recruitment


Travis View, co-host of QAnnon Anonymous podcast, posted on Twitter a leaflet he had picked up from a QAnon rally in Tampa, Florida, reproduced here with permission, describing it as

A souvenir from yesterday’s Tampa QAnon rally: A flyer encouraging QAnon followers to “consider forming your own mutual assistance group with like minded friends. Or check out existing Patriot groups such as Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, Sons of Liberty, and State Militias.”

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QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters. QAnon believers commonly tag their social media posts with the hashtag #WWG1WGA, signifying the motto “where we go one, we go all.”

The logo used at the bottom, of course, is rather familiar, that of Marvel Comics’ The Punisher. Bleeding Cool has covered the increasing use of the Punisher…



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