It is time to abolish the Electoral College – Marquette Wire


The popular vote has outweighed the electoral vote in the presidential election five times in United States history, the latest occurring in 2016. This means that in five separate elections, candidates who received more votes to become the president of the United States did not win, due to the complex role of the Electoral College.

Originally, the Electoral College was created as a way to make the election more fair to those living in less populated areas. It gives those areas a larger voice so they won’t be drowned out by heavily populated areas.

The best example of this today would be the difference in population between California, the most populated state, and Wyoming, the least populated state. California has over 39 million citizens whereas Wyoming has fewer than 600 thousand citizens. Because of this disparity, California has 55 electoral votes and Wyoming has only 3.

Since the number of allocated…



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