Gullible UK Guardian Picks Up Fusion GPS Propaganda, Still Pushing Fraudulent Dossier


Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the deluded duo of former journalists behind Fusion GPS, the Democratic opposition research group responsible for the discredited “dossier” from British spy Christopher Steele, has put out a calling card across the Pond with the British paper The Guardian.

It appeared the day before Labour leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn got thrashed at the polls by the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference.’

Simpson and Fritsch, who helped snarl theTrump administration in years of bad-faith investigations, is aiming for new markets now that the U.S. establishment has belatedly gotten wise, after a devastating Inspector General report documented how the FBI dishonestly used the dossier to spy on Trump campaign staffer Carter Page (click “expand”):

The British political system has become thoroughly…



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