New Yorker Magazine Hyped Validity of Steele Dossier


With the revelation by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz that the FBI not only relied entirely on the discredited dossier gathered by Christopher Steele for their FISA application to conduct surveillance on Carter Page but that the primary sub-source of that dossier cast doubt upon the claims that President Trump colluded with the Russians in the 2016 election, a liberal narrative has finally been buried.

So will the many mainstream media outlets who were hyping the validity of the Steele dossier now apologize? If so, The New Yorker magazine should be at the front of the apology line since they strongly hyped that dossier in both print and even in a video podcast in which their editor, David Remnick, bonded with James Comey in validating  the now discredited dossier.

In fact, Remnick even led off his questioning of Comey by noting that their own Jane Mayer wrote on March 5, 2018 a…



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