Jack Kingston: First Witnesses In Senate Impeachment Trial Will Be Adam Schiff, Whistleblower, Whistleblower’s Lawyer, And Hunter Biden | Video


GOP Rep. Jack Kingston sparred with MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid about impeachment Sunday morning on “AM Joy.”

REP. JACK KINGSTON: Remember this, there is still no blue dress and there is no midnight break-in. The American people are lost when you bring in four academics, three very offensive and smug ones that said —

JOY ANN REID, MSNBC: What was smug about them? Because they have degrees from a nice university? I don’t think that makes them smug.

JACK KINGSTON: Let me just say this: They did not connect with the Walmart shopper, and that’s who’s going to be voting in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina soon and other states to come. I just don’t think the Democrat Party made their case.

JOY ANN REID: “Democratic” party we try to say here. Use your Georgia nice.

JACK KINGSTON: Let me say this. I talked to a senior senator on Thursday, who told me that when this gets to the Senate, the first witness is going to…



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