The Accidental Celebrities of the Impeachment Inquiry


No matter the job title, the gig of most every aide to a member of Congress is essentially the same: to help make it appear that the elected representative — “the name on the door,” as some aides put it — is shouldering the work alone.

This is especially true, and especially tricky, amid the scrutinized pageantry of news conferences and high-stakes public hearings like those convened last month by the House Intelligence Committee and this week by the House Judiciary Committee as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

In hearings, congressional aides often sit behind their bosses, close enough to discreetly provide on-the-spot guidance and information. But, for some, the tougher gig might be operating in front of a scrum of cameras while trying to remain invisible to the public.

“There is whirlwind of activity behind the scenes and it is your job to keep that off-camera and to fade into the…



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