Amid interviews and IG reports, fact remains: Strzok and Page did real damage


President Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrumps light 97th annual National Christmas Tree Trump to hold campaign rally in Michigan ‘Don’t mess with Mama’: Pelosi’s daughter tweets support following press conference comments MORE’s overly dramatic speech at his Oct. 11 rally in Minneapolis included a now infamous verbal attack on Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that has since thrust Lisa Page into the role of hero for anti-Trump partisans. Trump’s sharp tongue and overactive Twitter fingers betray him. They weaponize his political opponents and simultaneously distract from the most pertinent details.

The fact remains: Strzok and Page’s anti-Trump text messages during the Russian investigation damaged the reputation of an esteemed law enforcement institution. They violated remedial investigative behavioral standards by sharing their political bias on official FBI phones, and the FBI is still struggling to…



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