Censoring Social Media for ‘Selling Crime’


The opposite day, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki subjected herself to a hard-hitting interview with Lesley Stahl on CBS’s 60 Minutes. Stahl lectured her for permitting “dangerous” or “hurtful” speech to be posted on her platform, with none fact-checking. Welcome to the most recent demonstration of the standard “information” media mercilessly pounding away at social media for having the audacity to permit dissenting data that undermines their skilled narratives and authority.

Wojcicki was far too well mannered to reply with incredulity. This is similar present that allowed Dan Quite to broadcast pretend Nationwide Guard paperwork in an effort to derail the re-election marketing campaign of George W. Bush. Then there’s Stahl herself  – the alleged guardian in opposition to dangerous, unreliable data – who put creator and convicted felon J.H. Hatfield on nationwide TV in 2000 to say George W….



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