‘For All His Faults’ Putin Doesn’t Hate America as Much as Chuck Todd Does


Days after Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed he was “joking” after saying he was rooting for Russia against Ukraine, the conservative primetime star began his Monday night show by claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t hate America as much as some American journalists, such as NBC News’ Chuck Todd.

Carlson would then follow up his Putin-friendly remarks by essentially doubling-down on the same comments he walked back last week, claiming he was opposed to Russian sanctions while saying the U.S. “should probably take the side of Russia if we have to choose between Russia and Ukraine.”

Taking aim at Todd for accusing Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) of making the same arguments as Putin by claiming Ukraine “actively worked” for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Carlson insisted that “Russia didn’t hack our democracy” and that Russian election interference wasn’t “really a…



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