Electoral College: Should electors be free to follow conscience?


Micheal Baca scribbled out the name “Hillary Clinton” printed on his ballot. He wrote in “John Kasich,” the former Republican governor of Ohio. In that moment he became the central figure in a legal case that could shape future American elections.

In 2016, Mr. Baca was a member of the Electoral College for Colorado. The Electoral College is the state-based system that actually elects presidents. Members are expected to vote for the candidate that won their state’s (or in a few cases, legislative district’s) popular vote.

In most cases that is a formality. But Mr. Baca wanted to block Donald Trump from winning. If he wrote in “Kasich,” he thought, maybe he could inspire enough electors to do the same, and deprive Mr. Trump of an Electoral College majority.

Instead, state officials yanked him off the panel. He sued, saying the Constitution envisioned the Electoral College as free actors….



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