Do you think Trump is sane?

(MSNBC video screenshots)

On Monday, MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked one of the most notorious Russian collusion delusion hoaxers in America whether President Donald Trump is sane.

“Do you think he’s sane?” he bluntly asked disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan, who spent over two years touting the since-debunked collusion theory.

“Donald Trump?” the former spook turned conspiracy theorist replied in confusion.

“Yeah,” Matthews replied before expanding on his initial question. “Let me ask you about logic. When he sees a logical report from an intelligence agency that people worked on for weeks and they get it down to an executive summary that he’s willing to read, do you think he’s reading it like a person would read something — like let me learn something here?”

The underlying insinuation was that Trump distrusts his own intelligence officials because he’s an insane…



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