Barr Denies That FBI Had Enough Info To Probe Trump Campaign


Attorney General William Barr is already breaking with a point in the Justice Department Inspector General’s upcoming report that would undermine President Donald Trump’s constant protestations that the probe into his 2016 campaign was a “witch hunt.”

IG Michael Horo­witz plans to release his report next week. According to the Washington Post, the report will assert that the FBI did in fact have enough information to open an investigation into members of the Trump campaign in 2016. Barr reportedly objects to that conclusion.

The report also concludes that the FBI did not open the investigation based on the Steele Dossier or leaked information from the CIA, and that the probe did not stem from anti-Trump bias at the bureau.

Barr, who has remained in lockstep with Trump since his appointment, seems unwilling to agree to Horowitz’s finding which would undermine one of the…



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