Mulvaney’s ‘incomprehensible’ legal maneuvering angers many


Coverage of the scramble aggravated Trump, according to people familiar with the matter, who was frustrated at the perception he was pitted against his own chief of staff. Mulvaney ultimately reversed course Tuesday morning and fell in line with the White House to avoid further disruption, according to a person familiar with his thinking.

For many in the White House, it was an unnecessary subplot that only highlighted lingering internal divisions — both with the top lawyers inside the West Wing and with ousted national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton’s team rebuffed Mulvaney’s attempts to join a lawsuit meant to determine whether the acting chief of staff could testify and that would have given Mulvaney legal cover for at least a month.

The Bolton team’s opposition to Mulvaney ultimately left him out in the cold legally on a weekend after witnesses had pointed to him as a key player in the alleged…



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