Democrats are full of Schiff


The Democrat rammed a resolution to continue an impeachment inquiry against President Trump providing all sorts of power to Rep. Adam Schiff.  Even two Democrats and all Republicans could not support such a patrician and unprecedented sham. Schiff has all sorts of power to be the prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner in this case throwing out the same due process that would and should be applied to average Americans in Schiff’s quest to have Trump impeached to tarnish him in his goal to prevent Trump from being reelected.

Not only is Schiff provided the power to oversee this kangaroo court, he is actually a material witness after it was revealed he and his staff coordinated and collaborated with the so-called “whistleblower.” The whistleblower gave hearsay information to Schiff’s staff and was assisted by Schiff’s staff to get an attorney, who would work with Schiff as the bases to seek an…



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