Chris Freind: A fine whine? Uh, not really | Opinion


Baseball’s attendance is in steep decline. Maybe the game is too slow, or too many teams stink. And maybe it’s too pricey, or the weather has been bad.

Then again, maybe it’s because Americans have found a new favorite pastime.


Because, without exaggeration, that’s damn near the only thing we do anymore.

We whine, complain, whine some more, boycott (usually in name only), grouse, grumble, gripe, and whine again – followed by, of course, blaming someone else for our own shortcomings.

It’s getting really old, really fast.

Whining comes is all forms, and our children are the worse for it, since they follow our example.

• Our youth are more emboldened than ever to talk back to their elders and disrespect authority. In game after game, players, some as young as 7 or…



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