Mike Littwin: Who’s in a bigger panic, a Warren-stricken Bloomberg or an impeachment-stricken Trump?


It was a long while coming, but I believe we have now officially moved into the early-panic stage of the Democratic presidential primary. This won’t be the last one. Democrats routinely panic during election time, and also during non-election time, but in the run-up to 2020 — with, yes, the future of American democracy on the line — the panic attacks will likely reach Tony Soprano levels.

As of now, they’ve reached Michael Bloomberg levels, in which the multi-multi-billionaire and former New York City mayor is prepared, once again, to rescue the Democratic field and, thereby, the nation. Unless he decides, once again, not to run as he did — checking calendar — just last March.

It seems that with Joe Biden fading among Democrats — although still leading in nearly all the national polls — and Elizabeth Warren gaining among Democrats — despite battleground-state polling showing her struggling…



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