Democrats will go for the safe candidate


Joe Biden is going to win the Democratic nomination for president. I wouldn’t run to your bookie with this information. My track record is spotty, at best. But I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong and I’ll have plenty of company, including many Democrats. I don’t believe Biden is going to win because he’s putting together a great campaign or because he has the best ideas. In fact, if I were advising the former vice president, I would tell him to take some time off. Don’t do anything or say anything. Just kind of disappear for a while. The nomination is in the bag.

Biden will win because Democrats, in their collective heart of hearts, believe he’s the only one who can beat President Donald Trump. Sure, there will be a few more gaffes on the way to the nomination, and he might think he’s in Detroit when he’s actually in San Antonio, but that only makes him more kindly and relatable — an…



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