‘Literally a piece of history’: Parts of the Berlin Wall, large and small, are now scattered across the globe


Sitting in dresser drawers, memorabilia boxes and resting on mantles and shelves, are pieces of the Berlin Wall.

Small ones, mind you. Some are of dubious origin, but many are legit.

Elsewhere, proper, fully formed chunks stand as mementos to the structure that, from 1961 to 1989, divided Berlin — the pre-eminent symbol of the east-west divide during the Cold War.

Twenty-seven miles long and 12 feet high, it has been 30 years since the wall dividing East and West Berlin came down, torn apart by reuniting Berliners as convulsions in the Soviet Union slowly rattled the eastern bloc. The pieces have made it all around the world, torn off the wall as trophies, chipped away and pocketed by tourists and sold by hawkers and traders in gift shops and online.

Even now, you can peruse Kijiji to find pieces for sale in Canada (for $19, Ted from Markham will sell you his chunk of history). Pieces of the wall are far…



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