Gorka tells Lindsey Graham to stop protecting John McCain and do his job: ‘Where are you?’


Former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka took to the Fox Business airwaves on Friday night to implore a shockingly absent Senate Majority Leader Lindsey Graham to do right by the American people. While on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” with fill-in host Gregg Jarrett, Gorka all but begged Graham to actually do what he was elected to do instead of grandstanding.

With impeachment looming overhead, Republicans should be doing everything they can to prepare for the fight ahead. Unfortunately, there seems to be no sense of urgency from the likes of Graham, who still has not called one witness before the judiciary committee, despite numerous fiery promises to do just that. In fact, his lack of action is so noticeable that it prompted Fox News host Tucker Carlson to ask if Graham is “punishing” President Trump by refusing to move the investigation forward.

“Hashtag where’s Hunter Biden but more importantly, hashtag…



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