“Whistleblower” Attorney Tweeted About “Coup” To Remove Trump Using CNN, Impeachment


Zaid in 2017: “#coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately. #lawyers “

President Donald Trump read aloud some old tweets by Mark Zaid, a lawyer representing the whistleblower in the Ukrainian fiasco, at a rally in Louisiana.

These tweets from 2017 warned Trump of a coup in the near future.

Trump pulled out a printed version of the story from Fox News to read to the audience. From The Washington Examiner:

During his rally in Louisiana on Wednesday night, Trump bashed Zaid as a “sleazeball.”

“It’s all a hoax,” said Trump. “It’s a scam. And you know who helps them? These people right back here, the media.”

Trump pointed to Zaid’s tweet claiming that CNN could “play a key role” in his impeachment.

“Can you believe this?” Trump asked. “And this was done a long time ago!”

Trump reminded the people that The Washington Post



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