Sen. Lindsey Graham To Speak At Private Nebraska GOP Fundraiser


Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina will headline a fundraiser for the Nebraska Republican Party Saturday night. 

Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director Ryan Hamilton says Sen. Lindsey Graham will address topics that impact many Nebraskans, like the United States-Canada-Mexico Agreement.

“People are looking to get it passed, get the agreement updated, and smooth the friction that exists right now in trade,” Hamilton said. 

Hamilton says the private event is off-the-record and closed to the media.

“We’re charging people a healthy amount of money to access this event,” Hamilton said. “And people talk differently in front of media sources. I think they censor some of the things that they might otherwise say. And we want to provide a high quality experience to those folks, given the fact that we’re charging for this event.”

Two weeks ago the Nebraska Democratic Party hosted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a…



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