Orbán: Pro-migration Forces Interested in Removing Erdogan


Turkey is instrumental in stopping the “wave of millions of migrants” on their way towards Hungary and Europe, although the Hungarian opposition cannot or will not understand that, Prime minister Viktor Orbán told public Kossuth Radio on Friday.

Any attempt to remove Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s from office would be in the interest of “pro-migration forces”, Orbán said in an interview after Erdogan’s visit to Budapest on Thursday. By undermining Turkey’s “strength, balance, security, reliability and order”, pro-migration forces aim to “realise their dream” of having millions of migrants flood Europe, he said, adding that US financier George Soros had outlined such a goal “in his famous plan”, arguing that Europe needed the influx of one million migrants a year.

Orbán: Turkey ‘Strategic Partner’ Every Hungarian Should Respect

As long as Erdogan is in office and Europe…



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